Hey everyone, a say beep beepity beep boop to you all. That means welcome to my electronic blog in computer. How many internet browsers do you currently have installed on your computer? Most people I know have at least three, and one of them is always Google Chrome, the in house browser made my internet powerhouse Google. With all the things that we do on the internet being moved to more cloud based servers browsers are becoming more and more like a multi-functioning box of computerized magic. Here are some of the more magical tricks that you can try with Google Chrome.


Simply search for words/phrases

If you run across a word or a phrase that you can’t quite understand, Google has a built in feature to allow you to quickly learn about anything you find while reading online. Simply start by highlighting the word or words that you want to better understand. You then have two options on how to proceed, you can drag the word/phrase into the Omnibox and perform a search that way, or you can simply right click your selected phrase and click on the pop up option to Google search the words.


Browse Tables with Key Numbers

When I do writing for this blog, I have to have a couple different tabs open with research open on some and then another so I can type out my draft. Sometimes this can get a little tedious if you are having to switch between multiple tabs and switching back so that I can do some writing. Last week (after using Chrome to write for years) I finally found out that if you hold the Control Key and then select numbers one through nine depending on what tab you want to open. One is the leftmost tab, and then they increase going right until you hit the ninth tab. As a bonus you can hit “0” which will put you on the rightmost tab.


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