Hello everyone, my name is Tommy and this is my electronics blog! I have always been a fan of messing around with electronics, since trying to get a friends Nintendo Entertainment System working in the back yard 20 years ago. Since then I have grown a little bit and moved to building my own computers instead of taking apart ones that don’t work. I am a huge fan of video games, from the original Pitfall on the Atari to playing independently developed games on my Steam account like Stardew Valley and the Stanley Parable.

 I have also started to get into programming, so you might see a post on here everyone now and again talking about features I found with a coding program or the best compilers, things like that. When I am not playing video games or programming then I like to get out in the nature and take some pictures. I have a Canon camera that I inherited from my mother, and I love to go into the wild and take some nice shots of animals in action, or a beautiful landscape of the beauty that is nature. I hope you will all join me, and tune in every week for a new and fresh electronics post.